About SMB

Company Profile

Biotechnology field has been getting highly advance since 2010, more and more techniques and studies were developed and investigated.
SMB teams have continuously devoted time and efforts in offering consumables, reagents, and equipment for over 30 years to life science researchers. We pick users' brains and empathically listen their opinions for the products, to understand the imperative or unmet need.

Started The Plan


Based on it, SMB teams assist a lot of researchers and biotechnological companies during pandemic of COVID-19 to face to strongly restructure for the trends and budgets.

Hence, SMB brand was conceived and started the plan in 2018, and SMB Biotechnology Company was founded in 2022, and is specialized in offering innovative and high-quality plastic consumables, reagents, and benchtop instruments. Our products cover liquid handling, ELISA, PCR, protein, cell banking, sample storage, automation and so on fields.



We will always keep developing products with more benefits to support user-friendly R&D environment, and make users' works easier and more efficient.



We understand that having a reliable partner is important to our success and able to achieve our vision-to be one of significant impactors in life science. If you have the same vision with us and would like to go with us, please contact us to establish our win-win cooperation.