The Story of Founder


Dear Visitor,
It’s been a long time since 2004 for me, I will always remember my first job, a sales rep in a distributor. Even though I had experiences for lab work during my graduate school, however, I still not really know what supplier is able to or should do for customers. Actually, I would say that I was not sure what business was at that time.
It's a key duration and turning point, not only for me but SMB, I quickly knew I can do well in business and try to think about that how will I do for life science users? What kind of products they would like to and beneficial for them? I tried to confirm the core necessities of customers. In my career, I contacted as many suppliers as possible, and visited lots of plants over and over. Today, these experiences complete me and are laying the foundation for SMB.
It's a key to open the door of SMB. After 20-year thoughts, I ensured my vision and mission, so even COVID-19 is still pandemic and influence the world so strong, I resolutely founded SMB Biotechnology Company in 2022.
I believe it's still a long way to go, but SMB teams and I would like to incorporate our knowledge into products and give our customers different and excellent experiences.
Thanks for your valuable time to read our story. Stay tuned for updates on

Evan Cho
Founder, President