Strip Tubes with Attached Caps

0.2 mL EasySplit 8-Strip PCR Tubes with Individually Attached Caps

P2S45 / P2D40
Soft single inter-well linkages make the strips flexible and easy to split into small sections, a possible total solution for various tolerance of thermal cycler from different brands in a lab.
Angularly-attached caps prevent lids and hinges from interfering with each other, allowing for easier operation in an SBS format rack and heating block.
Optically clear cap is designed for qPCR (real-time PCR), fluorescent signal will not appear refraction or total reflection.
0.2 mm super thin wall, 20% thinner than competitors.
Better heating conduction makes more accurate temperature for PCR.
Made of medical grade virgin polypropylene (complaint for FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 & USP Class VI), no background during PCR.
Flat cap is compatible for all leading brands thermal cyclers.
Dome cap is designed for traditional thermal cyclers.
DNase-free, RNase-free, DNA-free and PCR inhibitor free.
Autoclavable (121 ℃, 15 psi, 15 mins).
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Specifications and Ordering Information

Item No. Volume Tube Color Cap Materials Packaging
P2S45-C 0.2 mL 8-Tubes Strip Clear Flat, Optical Clear Polypropylene (PP) 120 strips/box,
10 boxes/case
P2D40-C 0.2 mL 8-Tubes Strip Clear Dome, Optical Clear Polypropylene (PP) 120 strips/box,
10 boxes/case