Strip Tube and Plate Sealers

8-Strip Tube Sealing Foils

An economical and more user-friendly alternative to strip PCR caps
Designed for sealing a single 8-well row of a 96-well PCR plate or a single 8-strip PCR tube
Functional temperature range from -20°C to +120°C
Pierceable with a pipette tip or robotic probes for handling samples directly
Removes the foils easily without tearing
Specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent seal to minimize evaporation and reduce cross-contamination
Removes easily and cleanly from plate surfaces with no splash back as can occur with strip PCR caps
Features two end-tabs with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal
Certified DNase- & RNase- free
Allows for the visual verification of the seal's security around each well



  • PCR
  • Sample storage
  • Light sensitive assays
  • Robotics (Automation)
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Specifications and Ordering Information

Item No. FACS-N
Sheet (LxW) 101.016 x 60.325 ± 0.38 mm
Single Strip (LxW) 101.016 x 10.053 ± 0.38 mm
End-Tabs 8.89 ± 0.38 mm
Perforations 9.906 ± 0.38 mm
Corner Radii 3/32" outside
1/16" inside
Thickness Film 2.0 mil ±10%
Adhesive 1.5 mil ~ 1.8 mil
Release Liner 4.8 mil ±10%
Materials Film Aluminum
Adhesive Acrylic
Release Liner White Poly-Coated Paper
Packaging 6 strips/sheet,
50 sheets/pkg