2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube

Sterile 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube

2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube
Irradiated by gamma-ray
Crystal-clear facilitates visualization of samples
Graduations marked at every 100μL to provide easy sample estimation
Solidly constructed for high speed centrifugation
Centrifugation Rate: 20,000 x g
Centrifuge Max for tube is >35,000xg (not routinely tested at this force)
Made of virgin polypropylene (PP)
Certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, and PCR inhibitors-free
Tested pyrogen-free
All tubes are autoclavable at 121℃, 15 psi, 15 mins
Functional temperature: to -80℃ to +121℃
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Specifications and Ordering Information

Item No. M2010-SC
Working Volume 2.0 mL
Max Volume 2.0 mL
Color Clear
Cap Standard / Boil-Proof
Graduations per 100 µL
Materials Polypropylene (PP)
Packaging 500 tubes/bag,
10 bags/case