Pipette Tip (Universal)

SMB developed and provides pipette tips based on a long term research to respond to the needs from the market. 
Our T series pipette tip is a complete tips product line for the applications with high demends. The feature of which are including low retention, HDPE barrier, multiple graduations on the tip body and so on.

The TN series are able to meet the users who chase economic cost, we offer them with large packaging and reduce the non-essential design with high cost (e.g. easily open thrink sealing film) for the cost-senstive ones.

Low Retention:
Made of proprietary resin formula with perfect hydrophilic and hydrophobic ratio to achieve clean release, especially suitable for trace amount samples.

HDPE (high-density, inert polyethylene) Barrier:
The best material for the barrier of filter tip, no debris drops and caused contarmination or PCR inhibition.

Multiple Graduations:
Beneficial for volume estimation.